Your vision, made to order

We specialize in custom orders that match your desired performance and style characteristics, as well as meeting your exact weight, size, and strength specifications. We’ll gladly work from your provided specs or partner with you to help determine the right design requirements for your products’ goals.

From there, our experienced team will cut, machine, and mold our carbon fiber materials to meet your precise requirements—working with you to ensure that everything we build is a perfect fit for your project. Whatever weight, temperature tolerance, or strength your product requires, we are here to help you drive innovation forward.


product availability

Our large product inventory delivers a wide range of:

  • Thicknesses
  • Finish options (matte, satin, gloss)
  • Color options
  • Weaves
  • And More


Customization capabilities

We also excel at customizing carbon fiber to meet our clients’ unique needs—from specialized thicknesses and strength requirements to lots more.

  • 3D Scanning
  • Cutting
  • Machining
  • Molding
  • Meeting Custom Specifications
    • Thickness
    • Carbon fiber fabric type
    • Weave type
  • Matching Desired Performance
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Bringing your innovative ideas to life

Our proprietary manufacturing methods result in flawless, lightweight carbon fiber sheets, panels, and parts with immense strength and minimal thermal expansion. We can perfect your vision with our:


consistent processes

Our manufacturing process is strictly managed to deliver perfection every time.


advanced customization capabilities

We can achieve your precise design and performance characteristics in even the most challenging projects.